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We’re not just another kratom importer who is capitalizing on a product that is bought low and sold high. We work directly with family run businesses in Indonesia who have mastered the craft of growing, harvesting, processing and packaging organic kratom. Our passion for kratom sprouted from personal relationships with these families that over long conversations blossomed into a mutually beneficial business plan. During these conversations it was revealed to us that these families were doing hard labor for a tiny portion of the final sale price. That’s when we decided to get involved.

Our goal is to offer fresh, high quality kratom to the people of America at a price that is 20% to 35% lower than every other kratom seller. While bringing a higher level of prosperity to the people of Indonesia.

All of our kratom is tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure it is unadulterated and there is no mold, bacteria, or yeast present. As well as testing for pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. You can rest assured; if it doesn’t pass the lab test, it doesn’t get sold.

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