What is Kratom?

According to the leading resource on Kratom in the world The American Kratom Association:

Natural kratom comes from the mitragyna speciose, a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia whose leaves have been used for centuries as an herbal supplement in traditional medicines.

Kratom is not a drug. Kratom is not an opiate. Kratom is not a synthetic substance. Naturally occurring Kratom is a safe herbal supplement that behaves as a partial mu-opioid receptor agonist and is used for pain management, energy, even depression and anxiety that are common among Americans. Kratom contains no opiates, but it does bind to the same receptor sites in the brain. Chocolate, coffee, exercise and even human breast milk hit these receptor sites in a similar fashion. 

According to a comprehensive analysis by Dr. Jack Henningfield, Ph.D, kratom’s potential for abuse and dependence is no greater than such widely used and unscheduled substances as “nutmeg, hops, St. John’s Wort, chamomile, guarana, and kola nut. You can read the full report on the American Kratom Association’s website by clicking here.

All of our Kratom is natural and fresh. It comes direct organic farmers and wild harvesters in Indonesia. The farms are grown with 100% organic practices free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The plantations where the kratom trees are grown were once rubber tree plantations. No new forests are cut down or cleared. And in addition to growing organically, all trees are harvested in a sustainable manner.

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